Faaast - FAQs


Faaast is a package manager as a service (SaaS). Faaaster than your local machine!

Instead of using your local machine to build software from repositories you can use Faaast.

What package managers are supported?

Currently we support only these "package managers":
npm, yarn, pnpm, gem, composer, drush, pip3 .

The commands that are currently allowed are:

- composer1 install/create-project
- composer2 install/create-project
- drush dl/pm-download
- gem install
- npm install/add
- pnpm install
- pip3 install
- yarn add

Can I write chained commands?

Currently NO.

Why use it?

Which is the software behind this?

I have built this tool as a proof of concept of a simple SaaS based on Docker and php.

Everytime you use a package command you run a public Docker image that contains:

- bundler
- composer
- drush
- gem
- node
- npm
- yarn
- pnpm
- python3
- pip3
- php
- ruby

Please check on releases for binary versions.

Who created this?

I am Theodoros Ploumis.

A Drupal developer with some devops skills. See my work here.